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    Tuesday December, 2013

    Biting Midges (also known as Sand Flies)

    For a tiny insect, barely the size of a pin head, Midges can pack a punch of irritation and pain to humans. They are so minuscule that they are hard to see - it is often not until a few hours later, that their bite will be noticed. Midges are commonly referred to as 'Sand Flies' - possibly due to the fact that they are from the fly family, and, that they are usually found in tidal zones - on sandy shores and mangrove mud...
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    Thursday January, 2014

    Boating Basics . . .

    Australia renowned for its magnificent coastline, stunning inlets, bays, rivers, and lakes. Water sports form an integral part of the Australian way of life. We have compiled some basic tips to help make your boating adventure, whether it be for an afternoon or a trip of many months, a safe and fun experience...
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    Saturday March, 2014

    Choosing your Recreational Vehicle (RV) . . .

    We started our experience with the works. A large motorhome with all the mod-cons, slide outs, space, comfort, etc., etc., however, over time we began to find this mode of 'glamping' quite restrictive - the large size made us think thrice about exploring secondary roads with the fear that we would not be able to fit through, manage lumps and bumps in the road with our restrictive ground clearances, long length, and tall height clearances. We soon learnt that many of Australia's roads are not suitable for such large vehicles...
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    Sunday June, 2014

    East Coast of Australia – Paralysis Tick Warning

    The Australian Paralysis Tick is extremely dangerous to our pets, and sadly, can be fatal. The Paralysis Tick presents on along the entire length of Australia's east coast - from Lakes Entrance in Victoria to nearing the top of Cape York in Queensland...
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    Thursday March, 2015

    Hiking | Bush Walking Tips in Australia

    There are many beautiful walking trails all across Australia. Some are short circuits, whilst others can take a week or more. Included are some useful tips and tricks to preparing for a hike...
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