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What POI Australia has Provided:

The trend of the Search Engines of today no longer rely on repeated content, however, now analyse and reward on quality, uniqueness and freshness of content.  Search Engines constantly analyse many various parameters of websites, including how users use and interact with the website, the way the pages are structured, and load speeds.

POI Australia has thoroughly researched the many aspects involved with a design that has resulted in a modern, user-friendly interface which provides powerful search results with the shortest possible upload times.  The interface also needed to be compatible with all mobile and computer devices.

Search Engines look for Websites with:

TickQuality & Freshness of Content – This is provided by you 

Light BulbRemember to add links to relevant Points of Interest, free Things to Do, etc. within the ‘Description’ of your Listing to further entice customers to your door.  For example, say you own a bicycle shop → create links to the bike trails, mountain bike courses, etc. within your vicinity, area or state…  Another example is to link local surf breaks to Surf Shops so that buyers have to opportunity to try out their purchases…

TickFast Load TimesPOI Australia has integrated caching, compression & optimisation software

TickImage Optimisation – Any images uploaded to POI Australia are automatically compressed and optimised

TickDevice CompatabilityPOI Australia is compatible and responsive across all devices

TickStructured DataPOI Australia has provided data fields that Search Engines can use to produce ‘Rich Snippets’

TickUser Interaction – provided the above points are maintained, users will enjoy the experience of POI Australia and your Listing


Light BulbUpdate your Listing regularly to ensure that the content analysed by the Search Engines is as fresh and up-to-date as possible – e.g. modify wording, update & add photos, add Special Offers, update Menus, etc . . .


Add a Listing

Step 1

Check whether a Listing for your Enterprise already exists.  Simply click on the magnifying glass on the top right-hand corner of your screen to activate the search.

1.  If a Listing already exists → simply claim the Listing

2.  If a Listing does not exits → simply add a new Listing

Step 2

Simply follow the prompts – it is that easy.


Some Quick Tips . . .

‘Listing Title’ Field

The ‘Listing Title’ field is most powerful and instant representation of your Listing.  It is assured to be represented wherever your Listing is found, whether it be on say ‘Google’ or within POI Australia itself.  It is therefore, a great opportunity to provide Users with an instant perception of your Listing.


Listing Title

Light Bulb

To ensure maximum impact of search capabilities within POI Australia and all Internet Search Engines → input the Name of your Business / Entity, a brief Description, together with the Address in the ‘Listing Title’ Field:

Example 1:  Acct Business – Bookkeeping, Pialba, Brisbane, QLD

Example 2:  ABC Bakery – 12 Street Road, Pialba, Brisbane, QLD


‘Category’ Field

To ensure your enterprise is easily found by users, be sure to allocate all relevant categories.  Setting the “Default” category is important as it will quickly be identified by users.  For the “Default”, choose the category that best represents your business e.g. if you sell bait and fishing supplies, the “Default” should be the Fishing | Bait | Tackle category.


‘Address’ Field

Address FieldListing Address

Light BulbTo make your Business easy to find within the Home Page Map View of POI Australia, include landmarks in the ‘Address’ Field:

For Example:  11 Esplanade Drive – some 170 m South of the Edwin Street Intersection


Data Fields

Light BulbThe more Data Fields filled

       →  the stronger your Listing representation will be . . .

Though it may seem you are repeating the information and selection of data fields whilst completing your Listing, this has been designed to maximise the presence of your Listing in all aspects of POI Australia and in the many Search Engines.


POI Australia allows for multiple Category allocations.

→  Select all relevant Categories to ensure maximum opportunity for your Listing to be found.

Other Data Fields include:

POI Australia - Logo→  Opening Times

→  Phone

→  Email

→  Website

→  Twitter

→  Facebook

→  Video

→  Special Offers, etc. . .


  1. When you add a listing you can add links to your website, email and social media accounts from which people can follow you.

    hope this helps, please reach out if you have any follow up questions

    Thank you

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