Tips – Reduce Photo Size

Photos – Why is my Photo not Uploading ???

Light BulbQuality photos will make all the difference to your Listing.

– Photos can translate the essence of your Listing within just a glance . . .

Though POI Australia will automatically convert your photos to ensure quick upload times at the highest possible quality within the constraints of website rationale, photos greater than 16 MB in size will simply not upload.

Some photo file formats are not compatible either.  We recommend the following photo file types:

1.   .jpg

2.   .jpeg

3.   .png

4.   .gif

There are many photo management softwares available.  We have provided a couple of examples below –

To check the size of your photos, enter the filing system of your computer.  For Example,  for “Windows” based computers go to “This PC” → Detailed View:

This PC - Detail View

This PC – Detail View – shows file size in KB


Examples – reducing photos to some 300 KB:

Photoshop - Resize


TickUsing Photoshop software, reduce to –

Width 20 cm (w) (height will adjust proportionally)

 – Resolution of 72 pixels/inch

Paint - Resize



TickUsing Paint software, reduce to –

Horizontal 850 Pixels (vertical will adjust proportionally)



TickRemember the old adage “A picture says a thousand words

TickLoad as many photos as you can

TickYou may wish to upload your Logo too . . .

TickTo ensure maximum impact of your listing, take high quality photos.

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