Listing Categories – How do they Work ???

Categories are the backbone of POI Australia, designed to organise the highly complex, and vast array of :

Tick Points of Interest

Tick Products

Tick Services

Tick Events

    … which represent Australia → its People → Communities → Landscapes → Businesses . . .

To view all the categories available on POI Australia, refer to the following ‘Listing Categories‘ Menu located within the header of the POI Australia website.  You can either view:

→ all the ‘Listing Categories‘ available in summary form, which are neatly presented under expandable lists    or

→ simply select the Major Category from the Drop Down Menu as represented in the diagram below to view existing Listings and the relevant Sub Categories which are displayed in the Side Bar:

What are Categories ???

POI Australia has successfully simplified its classifications to contain only 3 levels:


cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.png  Major Categoriesare as displayed at the base of the Map on the Home Page 

The 8 x Major Categories are allocated a separate Map each, from which the Sub Categories can be filtered to include:  one, a few, or all – Sub Categories to be displayed on the map.

cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.png  Sub Category – Level 1 – as listed to the right of the Map on the Home Page

The Level 1 Sub Categories combine the relevant Level 2 Sub Categories to provide quick, succinct filtering & access capabilities.

cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.png  Sub Category – Level 2 – as listed under the expanded Level 1 Sub Categories

The Level 2 Sub Categories provide the most detailed level of POI Australia’s Category Classification.

Tags then allow for further and infinite search classification allocations . . .

Allocating Categories to your Listing

Step 1 – Make sure you Login or Register with us, though you will be prompted to do so prior to proceeding further in any case.


Step 2 – Simply select the relevant Major Category option, for example:

→ if you offer a service,  selectAdd Service

→ if you serve prepared foods,  selectAdd Dining Out

→ if you own a shop or sell products,  selectAdd Shopping

→ if you provide places to stay,  selectAdd Accommodation

→ if you offer entertainment options, lessons, tours, etc.,  selectAdd Things to Do

→ if you are in the education, medical, dental, beauty, or well-being fields,  select Add Health, Beauty & Education‘     and so on . . .

And that is your Major Category selected.  

Sub Category Allocation

We suggest two options to approach the allocation of Sub Categories to your Listing.  One option is to look up businesses or organisations similar to yours, note their category (and Tag) allocations & follow their example.  The quickest method to search for Listings similar to yours is to select the Magnifying Glass located on the top right-hand corner of every page of POI Australia, & simply type your business activity, e.g. ‘Kebab‘ if you own a Kebab Shop, ‘Surgeon‘ if you are a surgeon, ‘Plumber‘ if you are a plumber, ‘B&B‘ if you run a Bed & Breakfast, etc.


Select one of the Listings listed and note their Category & Tag allocations as demonstrated below:


→ the other is to simply & systematically allocate categories via the system.  Both require following these simple steps:

The above example is for a Dive Business that hires dive equipment, hires boats, teaches diving, and runs dive expeditions → their main focus is on hiring dive equipment & providing dive lessons – hence the DEFAULT allocation.

Some Examples:

cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.png  Say you are a Barrister of Law specialising in Criminal Law, then the category allocation would be as follows:

Services    Business Services   Lawyer | Legal

 . . . from this point Tags can be allocated:  e.g. Barrister, Criminal, etc.


cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.png  Say you are a Football Club specialising in Australian Rules, then the category allocation would be as follows:

Things to Do  Sports Clubs | Venues  Football | Soccer | Rugby

 . . . from this point Tags can be allocated:  e.g. Football, Australian Rules, Junior League, etc.

Be sure to apply for your 100% NFP Discount as all Non-For-Profit organisations, as registered on the Australian Business Register (ABR), are entitled to FREE Listings  


cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.png  Say you are a Surgeon specialising in Cosmetic & Plastic surgery, then the category allocation would be as follows:

Health, Beauty & Education Hospital | Medical | Dental  Doctor | Surgeon | Specialist

 . . . from this point Tags can be allocated:  e.g. Surgeon, Plastic, Cosmetic, etc.


cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.png  Say you are a Music Teacher specialising in teaching Violin, then the category allocation would be as follows:

Things to Do  Arts | Culture | Theatre  Music | Dance | Lesson

 . . . from this point Tags can be allocated:  e.g. Violin, Classical, etc.


Default Category

The Default Category simply means that you have the opportunity to display the primary function of your business or organisation as the Icon displayed on the Map, noting that the various search mechanisms provided by POI Australia will, of course, pick up all categories allocated.

We recommend that a Sub Category – Level 2 be the DEFAULT.

The above example is for a Dive Business that hires dive equipment & boats, as well as teaching how to dive.  Their main focus, however, is on hiring diving equipment & providing dive lessons – hence the DEFAULT allocation.


We hope you enjoy your experience, as well as the continued growth of POI Australia

***  NOTE:  If you cannot find a suitable category for your Listing, please Contact Us.

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