Adding an Attractive Menu to the ‘Dining Out’ Category

Adding a Menu to your ‘Dining Out’ Listing will provide your customers with an up-to-date, live insight into your cuisine.

POI Australia has designed a Menu Template, enabling you to quickly copy and paste it into your listing  →  then customise accordingly.

The great advantage of including your Menu in your Listing is that existing and prospective customers are able to view and comprehend your cuisine via the ‘Menu’ Tab of your Listing.

Should you decide to update your Menu – whether it be pricing, spelling errors or adding / removing dishes  →  this can be achieved quickly, instantly, at anytime, from anywhere . . .

Another facility provided by POI Australia, is the opportunity to upload your menu, ready for your prospective customers to download onto their devices.


To add your menu, follow the step-by-step process below:

Installing your ‘Menu Template’ Code

When adding or editing an ‘Dining Out’ Listing there will be a field labeled Menu, you will need to add text in this field in order for the menu tab to appear on your listing.

POI Australia has prepared some formatted text that will make adding an Attractive Menu simple and easy. The steps are as follows:

Select the ‘Text’ Tab  →  copy the ‘Your Code’ as supplied below  →  paste as indicated in ‘Step 2’ of the Diagram.




Your Code:


Personalising your ‘Menu’

Return to the ‘Visual’ Tab as indicated in Step 3 of the Diagram below and modify the text to suit.

Light BulbTo add more Dishes to your Menu, simply copy an entire Dish (including the price and description) and paste where required.

You can also bold and italicise the Text, and, change the Font Colour . . .




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