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The following is a comprehensive list of Football | Soccer | Rugby related activities and clubs available to the Public for their Enjoyment, Self Improvement & Social Involvement. The Category of Football / Soccer / Rugby incorporates the organisations and club houses that facilitate Training, Recreational Groups and Competition including, Australian Rules, Gridiron, Gaelic, American Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Touch Football, or any other football code.
Football | Soccer | Rugby is a Sub Category of Sports Clubs | Venue.

Warrnambool & District Football League – Hyland St, Warrnambool, VIC

Rumbalara Football & Netball Club – 163 Corio St, Shepparton, VIC

North Ballarat Football Club – Creswick Rd, Ballarat, VIC

Dalyston Football Club Inc – Tulloch St, Dalyston, Gippsland, VIC

Hopetoun Football Club – Strachan St, Hopetoun, VIC

Ashwood Sports Club – Outlook Rd, Mount Waverley, Melbourne, VIC

Altona Gate Soccer Club – Mills St, Altona North, Melbourne, VIC

Oak Park Football Club – Francis St, Oak Park, Melbourne, VIC

Adelaide Crows Football Club – 2 Claremont St, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne Knights Soccer Club Inc – Somers St, Sunshine, Melbourne, VIC

South Melbourne Women’s Football Club – 6 Aughtie Drv, Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC

Drouin Soccer Club – Lampards Rd, Drouin, Gippsland, VIC

Tallygaroopna Football Club – Smith St, Tallygaroopna, VIC

Lancaster Football Club – Weller Rd, Lancaster, VIC

Trentham Football Club Inc – Falls Rd, Trentham, VIC

Old Scotch Waverley Soccer Club Inc – Sixth Ave, Burwood, Melbourne, VIC

Wangaratta Rovers Football Club Inc – Evans St, Wangaratta, VIC

Give Me Football – 189 Faraday St, Carlton, Melbourne, VIC

Picola United Football Club – Picola North Rd, Picola, VIC