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The following is a comprehensive list of non-for-profit Collectibles | Memorabilia group related activities available to the Public for their Enjoyment, Self Improvement & Social Involvement. The Category of Collectibles | Memorabilia incorporates the venues, clubs and organisations facilitating its discipline, including those that enjoy the art of sourcing, collecting, preserving, restoring, etc. smaller items of historical, military, domestic, industrial, marine, transport, etc. significance including, ceramics, pottery, signage, weaponry, utensils, communications equipment, domestic tools, radios, electronics, gramophones, phones, etc.
Collectibles | Memorabilia are a Sub Category of Community Groups.

Hobart Society of Recorder Players Inc – 27 Roslyn Ave, Kingston Beach, TAS


Radio & Electronics Association of Southern Tasmanian Inc – Queen’s Domain, Hobart, TAS