All Bar | Pub | Hotel in Sunshine

The following is a comprehensive list of Bar | Pub | Hotel venues generally aimed at the Adult Public, Business, Industry & Organisations for their Enjoyment, Self Improvement & Social Involvement. The Category of Bar | Pub | Hotel incorporates venues such as bars, public bars, beer gardens, hotels, etc. that primarily serve a large variety of alcoholic beverages including Beer, Wine, Spirits, Mixed Drinks, Cocktails, etc. for consumption on the premises.  Hotels, beer gardens & public bars often serve meals whilst bars generally serves snacks & finger foods. Many of these venues provide music &/or entertainment whilst many hotels also offer accommodation.
Bar | Pub | Hotel is a Sub Category of Adult | Night Life.

Southern Star Saloon Bar – 486 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine, Melbourne, VIC

Derrimut Hotel – 132 Durham Rd, Sunshine, Melbourne, VIC