South Australia – Western Border Repositioned

Australia's Regions c 1861 - SA West Border MovedIn 1836, the location of the western sector of the South Australian border was proclaimed at longitude 132o E.  There appears to be no clear explanation as to why the border was originally placed at this longitude.

It is interesting to note, however, that the South Australian western border lies exactly half way between original border of New South Wales and New Holland (proclaimed in 1788) at longitude 135o E, and, the relocated border (proclaimed in 1829) at longitude 129o E.

Perhaps it is just a sheer coincidence that the longitude of 132o E is exactly half way between the original and the relocated longitudes ??

In any case, the positioning of the western border of South Australia at longitude 132o E left New South Wales with a large, disconnected area of some 128,750 km2.

After much debate on the validity of New South Wales managing this disconnected section of its colony and the merits of annexing the same to South Australia, it was proclaimed by Letters Patent to include the section of land between South Australia’s western border and Western Australia’s eastern border, to South Australia on the 10th October 1861.


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