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The following is a comprehensive list of wholesale Packaging | Paper | Board manufacturing outlets available mainly to Industry, however at times direct to the general Public too. The Category of Packaging | Paper | Board incorporates specialised establishments primarily manufacturing, importing, exporting, selling wholesale Paper products & components including, paper, board, envelopes, label stock, etc., as well as wholesale Packaging products & components, whether they be packaging materials such as plastic wrap, wooden pallets & boxes, cardboard boxes & cartons, etc., or, the Containers that hold & beautify the products within including food grade & non food grade: glass & plastic bottles; bottle closers, lids & caps; glass, tin & aluminium cans, cardboard & plastic boxes; plastic, cloth, vinyl & cardboard bags; decorative boxes & bags; tins; containers; pressurised containers; air tight containers, pump packs; vinyl bags; ribbons, wrapping materials, decorations, etc.
Packaging | Paper | Board is a Sub Category of Wholesale | Raw Materials.