All Medical | Dental | Vet Supply

The following is a comprehensive list of Medical | Dental | Vet outlets, that are available to the Public, Business, Industry & Organisations for their Convenience, Production & Well-being. . The Category of Medical | Dental | Vet incorporates the specialised establishments manufacturing, importing, exporting &/or selling the vast array of wholesale medical, veterinary & dental supplies, required by all branches & genres of human & animal health, treatment, testing, etc. - including supplies for medical surgeries & clinics, hospitals, dental surgeries, allied health centres, vet surgeries & clinics, etc. such as sterile packs, surgical tools, surgical implants, consumables for: scopes, surgery tools, drills, suction, laser tools, etc.; procedural equipment, diagnosis tools, prosthetic equipment, antiseptics, wound care, dressings, bandages, medications, syringes, needles, thermometers, stethoscopes, tongue depressors, hand cleaners, linen, disposable sheeting, 'Bluies', gloves, masks, gowns, boots, bed pans, consumables, cleaning equipment & cleaners, rubbish bags, etc., as well as all manner testing supplies for x-ray, ultrasound, CT-scans, mammograms, blood testing, bowel test kits, etc. as well as establishments manufacturing, importing, exporting &/or selling specialised plant & equipment including scopes, x-ray & testing machines, re-usable surgical equipment, hospital furniture, lifting machines, etc., for the medical, veterinary & dental industries including, X-Ray machines, CT scanners, ultrasounds, laser machines, dentist chairs & equipment, operating tables, operating lighting & magnifiers, surgical computer & video equipment, sterilising machines, hospital furniture, etc.
Medical | Dental | Vet is a Sub Category of Scientific Sales | Supplies.