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Insect Sales / Supplies IconThe following is a comprehensive list of Insect Sales | Supplies, that are available to the Public, Business & Organisations for their Aid, Convenience, Production, Enjoyment & Well-being. The Category of Insect Sales | Supplies incorporates the specialised establishments breeding, nurturing & selling insects including butterflies, praying mantis, beetles, ants, centipedes, millipedes, spiders or any other species within this genre, along with their food, habitat, feeders, water dispensers, equipment, amusement, tanks, tank equipment, etc. as well as anything else required to facilitate their safe keeping and well being.
Insect Sales | Supplies is a Sub Category of Farm | Livestock | Pet Supplies.

Tasmanian Crop Pollinators Association – 2 Waverley Ave, Lenah Valley, TAS

Heritage Honey – 2 Waverley Ave, Lenah Valley, TAS

Freund Tim Bee Keepers – Braslins Rd, Black Hills, TAS

Derwent Valley Apiary’s – 1268 Hobart Rd, Sorell Creek, TAS

Miellerie House of Honey – 59 Cripps Rd, Woodbridge, TAS

Beekeeping Supplies – 87 Brooker Ave, Hobart, TAS

H L & H M Hoskinson – 159 Woodbridge Hill Rd, Woodbridge, TAS

Honey Tasmania – 22 Quadrant Mall, Launceston, TAS

RJ Calvert – Lowdina Rd, Campania, TAS

Flagstaff Apiaries – 2 Waverley Ave, Lenah Valley, TAS

Blue Hills Honey – 1853 Mawbanna Rd, Mawbanna, TAS

Batman Bridge Bee Supplies – 75 Rowella Rd, Beaconsfield, TAS

North Huon Apiary – 20 North Huon Rd, Ranelagh, TAS

West-Bee Honey – 19 Moore St, Westbury, TAS

Mt Arthur Honey – 50 Station Rd, Lilydale, TAS

Nature’s Greatest – 6 Colegrave Rd, Burnie, TAS