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Horse Sales / Supplies IconThe following is a comprehensive list of Horse Sales | Supplies, that are available to the Public, Business & Organisations for their Aid, Convenience, Production, Enjoyment & Well-being. The Category of Horse Sales | Supplies incorporates the specialised establishments breeding, nurturing, importing, exporting &/or selling horses, ponies, mules, donkeys or any other animal within this genre, along with their food, habitat, feeders, water dispensers, equipment, amusement, saddles, reins, harnesses, brushes, grooming, stables, preventative medicines, rugs, etc. as well as anything else required to facilitate their safe keeping and well being.
Horse Sales | Supplies is a Sub Category of Farm | Livestock | Pet Supplies.

Rowland Park Saddlery – 286 Tea Tree Rd, Brighton, TAS

Saddleworld – 77 Elizabeth St, Launceston, TAS




Brian Connolly – 221 Proctors Rd, Kingston, TAS

Silver Star Miniature Horse Stud – 18 Masons Rd, Rosevears, TAS

Saddle Up Saddlery – 33 Bass Hwy, Burnie, TAS





Natural Horse World – 80 Dam Rd, Saltwater River, TAS

Macs Equine – 375 Macquarie St St, South Hobart, TAS

Horseland – 239 Main Rd, Derwent Park, TAS

Latrobe Saddlery – 15 Bay Drv, Spreyton, TAS

Dixie Dell Minature Horse & Pony Stud – 154 Bishopsbourne Rd, Carrick, TAS

Latrobe Saddlery – 4 Formby Rd, Devonport, TAS

Park Crest Thoroughbred Stud – 379 Birralee Rd, Westbury, TAS

Russell River Arabians – Woolleys Rd, Lonnavale, TAS

Scolinda Welsh Cobs & Miniature Equine Stud – 47 Hextalls Rd, Lebrina, TAS