All Primary Producer in Indented Head

The following is a comprehensive list of wholesale Primary Producers that available mainly to Industry, however at times direct to the general Public too. The Category of Primary Producer incorporates specialised establishments primarily farming crops & livestock i.e. preparing, nurturing, collecting, etc., plants, fungi, animals, water, etc. by farming them directly from the earth, air or water via any of the natural processes that convert light or chemical energy into organic matter, without any manufacturing process or intervention, and is then directly harvested from the land, sea, rivers, lakes, etc. – such as Crops (e.g. fruit, vegetables, mushrooms & various fungi, Hay, Straw, etc.), Feed Stock, Seed Stock, Livestock (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, etc.), Worms, Snails, Dairy (e.g. Milk), Eggs, Seafoods, Seaweeds, Fish, Shell Fish, Rubber, Cork, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Wood, Bark, etc.
Primary Producer is a Sub Category of Wholesale | Raw Materials.