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The following is a comprehensive list of Sustainability | Future Tech available to the Public, Business, Industry & Organisations for their Aid, Development & Convenience. The Category of Sustainability | Future Technologies incorporates the specialised organisations, institutions, etc. that aim to research and develop a sustainable future for Planet Earth and all its inhabitants - which must include the environmental, social, economic aspects of human and corporate trends & impact.  Marketing has determined human behaviours which has, in turn, supported the corporate machine to an unprecedented measure of environmental destruction, degradation & extinction in a matter of a few hundred years.  Only the change in human attitude and the development of sustainable technologies may curb & possibly reverse some of the damage done.  Sustainability includes marketing so that each & everyone of us realises the responsibility and choice we have to no longer indulge in excess, cheap & disposable products, entitlement & greed - institutions & law makers must ensure building codes do not include entire land titles, energy efficiency calculations should include natural shelters such as surrounding trees, gardens, wind breaks, the health of land, waterways, flora, fauna, forests, air, etc., - produce & products should be local, not international - waste & packaging reduced, recycling increased - essentially, a total reversal of today's trends . . . Technologies that are available to eliminate oil, nuclear, coal, plastics, etc. be released & encouraged without delay - large scale farming techniques returned to organic & permaculture techniques, farms reduced to manageable sizes, chemicals removed, and animals, insects, birds, ecologies respected, etc.  Technologies that reduce: traffic, the need to travel to offices & workplaces, national & global transport, etc. as well as renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, tide, etc. be supported, developed & implemented, etc.
Sustainability | Future Tech is a Sub Category of Govt | Regulatory | Civic.


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