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The following is a comprehensive list of Govt | Regulatory | Civic services available to the Public, Business, Industry & Organisations for their Aid & Convenience. The Category of Govt | Regulatory | Civic incorporates the specialised organisations, government bodies & institutions managing & maintaining the supply, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, etc. of public infrastructure & services including, water, gas, electricity, sewer, internet, phone, transport, public spaces, parks, crown lands, council lands, national & state parks, waterways, etc. as well as the agents that promote & sell these civic services, (i.e. privatised water, power, gas, telecommunications, etc.), as well as the civic bodies that produce legislation & govern the local communities, states, territories & the country of Australia.
Sub Categories Include: Diplomat | Heraldic | MP, Electricity | Gas, Federal Govt Bodies, Internet | Phone, Licensing | Registration, Local Govt Bodies, Mooring Licence | Marina Berth, Regulatory Institutes | Boards, Radar | Monitor | Weather, State | Territory Govt Bodies, Sustainability | Future Tech, Water | Sewer