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The following is a comprehensive list of Consulate | Embassy, that are available to the Public, Business, Industry & Organisations for their Aid & Convenience. The Category of Consulate | Embassy incorporates the specialised organisations offering assistance to their citizens whilst abroad.  In short, an Embassy is administrated by an Ambassador of a Country, and are distributed across the World as a diplomatic delegation between countries. The Embassy of a Country houses the Diplomats & Consulate, which are established to protect and provide information for the citizens of their Country travelling or residing in foreign countries.  The Consulate should be your first port of call should you need any help whilst abroad.  Consulates also provide services such as the issue of visas, provide assistance should passports be lost or stolen, provide advise should a birth or death occur in the family whilst abroad, provide legal or medical assistance, etc.
Consulate | Embassy is a Sub Category of Travel Services.