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Carpenter IconThe following is a comprehensive list of Carpenter | Joiners, that are available to the Public for their Aid & Convenience. The Category of Carpenter | Joiner incorporates the specialised organisations offering carpentry services, including, the construction and maintenance of generally wooden structures such buildings, furniture, cabinetry, etc., including framing, erection of posts, beams, rafters, etc. to plan specifications, as well as finishing carpentry which includes works requiring a high level of detail such as decking, pergolas, flooring, staircases, joinery, installation of windows, doors, trims, mouldings, fretwork, decorative detail and so forth - together with various woodworking skills including dove jointing, wood turning, mortice & tenon joints sporting wooden pegs i.e. no nails (e.g. in post & beam construction techniques, fine furniture), etc.
Carpenter | Joiner is a Sub Category of Trades.