Queensland – Proclaimed

Australia's Regions c 1859 - Queensland 2The New South Wales Constitution Act 1842 provided for the creation of separate colonies from any territory which formed part of New South Wales through Letters Patent, issued by the Queen in Council.

A public meeting was held to consider Queensland’s separation from New South Wales in 1851.  Eight years later, on 6th June 1859, Queen Victoria signed the Queensland Letters Patent (UK) forming Queensland as a colony from Latitude “28 degrees 8 minutes south” with explicit deviation across the Great Dividing Range → northward to the coast,


from the “one hundred and forty first meridian of east longitude which is the eastern boundary of South Australia” → eastward to the coast.

George Ferguson Bowen, who was to become the first Governor of Queensland, read the proclamation on the 10th December 1859.

From this time onwards, Queensland was formally separated from New South Wales.


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