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The following is a comprehensive list of Site | Commerce available to the Public for their Interest, Exploration, Research, Knowledge & Appreciation, noting that where are number of categories or time-frames are relevant, the first function &/or moment in time will be allocated to the heading and the default category. The Category of Site | Commerce incorporates the historical buildings, structures, sites, etc. that served as places of industry & commerce which was often based upon the resources found in the area.  These resources formed the foundation of towns & employed its populace such as mines (e.g. precious metals, gold, silver, copper, iron ore, coal, gems, diamonds, opals, pearls, lime, bluestone, clay, sandstone, etc.), agriculture, aquaculture, processing & distribution plants (e.g. dairy, sugar cane, seafood, grains, fruit, vegetables, wool, petroleum, logging, bottling, preserving, distribution, etc.), wholesale & retail market places, etc. as well as the commerce that formed to support the industry such as shops, services, innovation & mechanisation, banking, investment, insurance, community support, medical, dental, etc. - noting that some of the explorers, founders, designers, persons responsible, further facts & figures etc., can also be found in the numerous historical timelines exhibited in the Chronicles of Aus, which are an ever growing graphical depiction of the Evolution of Australia, its states & territories, etc. into the country that we know today . . .
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Approximate Site – Ford Family ‘Nepean Hotel’ c 1870 – Pt Nepean Rd near Fitzjohns Crt, Portsea, Mornington Peninsula, VIC