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As an alternative to browsing POI Australia’s powerful Interactive Map, you might find that using our comprehensive search tools are more efficient at pinpointing what you are looking for. POI Australia is happy to provide you with this guide to help you get the most out of our search tools.
We hope you find it useful . . .


Listing Search Bar

Live example of POI Australia’s Listing Search Bar:

POI Australia’s Listing Search Bar explained

POI Australia’s ‘Listing Search Bar’ is a powerful way to filter the many listings in our extensive database. The ‘Listing Search Bar’ allows you to filter by Category, Location, Keyword and many other custom fields allowing you to find exactly what your looking for.

First Field – Major Category Select

POI Australia has 7 Major Categories including ‘Points of Interest’, ‘Things to Do’, ‘Accommodation’, ‘Dining Out’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Services’ and ‘Community & Events’. Selecting the appropriate Major Category should be your first step, as you may not find what your looking for if it is left as the default – ‘Points of Interest’. If at first your search doesn’t show the results your looking for it is possible that it may be filed under a different Major Category. We highly recommend trying other potentially relevant Major Categories.

Second Field – Keyword

The second field is a simple as typing a keyword to describe what you are looking for. When typing your keyword you will notice auto-complete options will appear, you can choose to select one of these options or proceed to the next field.

Third Field – Location

The Location Field allows you to filter search results to a specific location. You can choose to either select ‘Near Me’ or type a location of your choosing.

‘Near Me’ is achieved by clicking this button : Near Me
Clicking this will provide you with the option to activate ‘Near Me’ and to adjust the radius of results from 1km to 320km.

When typing a location of your choosing you will be provided with auto-complete options. It is important to note:
–   Selecting one of these auto-complete options will lock you to that location and limit your search results to only that particular region or city  (you can tell if you are locked to a location if the location field changes colour and reads in the same format as ‘In: Melbourne(City)’).
–   Simply typing a location without selecting an auto-complete option will show results  within a radius (radius can be adjusted under the above ‘Near Me’ button).

Fourth Field – Search

The Fourth Field is self explanatory just click the button labeled ‘Search’ and your results will load.

Fifth Field – Refine My Search 

By clicking the ‘Refine My Search’ Button it will open up an array of options that are specific to the Major Category that you have selected in the First Field. There are a large amount of options that are simply activated by choosing them from a list or checking a box, which enables you to find exactly what you are looking for !!!


Global Search Bar

In the top right hand corner of the screen you will see an icon looking like this:  Search  Click it and you will be able to type any search query you desire, then just press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to load your search results. POI Australia’s ‘Global Search Bar’ is beneficial in that it searches all listings from all major categories and all supporting documentation, including the Chronicles of Aus, Travel Aus, etc. In fact, it might be easier to just say that it searches everything because that is exactly what it does. Anything that is published on POI Australia can be found via this search.
You may also find a ‘Global Search Bar’ on various pages looking like this:


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