Hiking | Bush Walking Tips in Australia

There are many beautiful walking trails all across Australia.  Some are short circuits, whilst others can take a week or more . . .

For short walks, make sure you stay on the marked trails → follow the signage → take water and maybe a snack → and, most importantly, wear appropriate footwear.  It is also a good idea to let someone know that you are heading off, and a guide time as to when you may be expected to return.


Iluka2 107c

Iluka Heritage Rainforest, NSW


For Longer Hikes . . .


Once you have made the decision to embark on a more lengthy adventure, start to think of the preparation required for the hike.  Research as much as possible, so that you are best prepared for anything and everything.

Tick  Before proceeding, you must know your fitness level → find a hike that suits you and your fitness level → choose wisely ensuring the track will not end up being too overwhelming

Tick  Map out the route you plan to take → learn the terrain and the anticipated duration it will take to complete

Tick  Learn about the wildlife that you may encounter in the area → know which are dangerous (e.g.  snakes, spiders, crocodiles, etc.), and what should be done should you be confronted or bitten (this could be life saving)



Tick  Checklist – the easiest way to ensure you have prepared adequately, is to formulate a checklist of what must be done and packed before heading off

Tick  When packing, it is wise to make sure that your bags are waterproof so that your clothes, footwear and bedding remain dry (a useful tool is a sealable garage bag – as a secondary layer for extra protection)

Tick  Plan meals – make sure you have enough for the journey (and maybe a little extra for an emergency).  Dehydrated food is perfect for hiking, as it is light and contains a lot of nutritional value (plus many different foods can be dehydrated like fruit, meat and vegetables) – it might even be wise to invest in a dehydrator and dehydrate the food yourself…

Tick  Water – it is absolutely essential to make sure you have enough water for the journey – & then some

Tick  Ensure you have the right equipment for the trip – do not pack unnecessary things

Tick  If you are on medication – make sure you do not leave without it

Tick  A First Aid Kit and Emergency Flare are a must !!!

Tick  A map 

Tick  Other items that may come in handy:

→  Tape / Duct Tape – may be useful if you get hole in your tent or shoe – making an easy fix

→  Multi Tool / Pocket Knife – can have many uses (they will come in handy more than once) such as cutting rope, opening cans, eating, etc…

→  A Lighter / Flint – for lighting a fire to cook food, keep warm, and ambience – as it is always lovely to have a nice warm fire to boost moral…

→  Rope – useful as an extra guy rope for your tent, to help guide you down a steep section of terrain, to hang clothes out to dry – just to name a few uses…

→  Vaseline – a multitude of uses and better to have it just in case…

Tick  Do not double up on things.  Check with the others that you may be traveling with → share the load, as there is no need to carry unnecessary weight which could have be replaced with food and water

Tick  A mobile / satellite phone for emergencies – in the hope that the coverage may be good enough to get help if needed

Tick  Appropriate footwear is a must

Tick  Insect repellent is also essential – learn how to safely remove leeches, ticks, etc. – learn how to treat insect bites such as bees, midges, etc. – know how reactive you are to their bites

Tick  Keep an eye on the weather → and don’t be afraid to cancel if the weather is no good

Tick  Before you are ready to head off, make sure that several people know where you are going, the route you are taking, and the anticipated duration in which it will take to complete.  This a very important step → so if you do get lost, someone will know if they should send help or be concerned of your whereabouts


cropped-POI-Australia-Favicon-e1406709399487.pngAnd . . . most importantly, have a Wonderful Time !!!


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