All Kinesiology

The following is a comprehensive list of Kinesiology consultants, that are available to the Public, Business, Industry & Organisations for their Aid & Convenience. The Category of Kinesiology incorporates the specialised organisations & personnel offering testing & diagnosis techniques which essentially monitor the electrical pathways of the brain to the muscle fibres of the body, analyse how the muscles react and coordinate to move the body, note any imbalances etc., as these can indicate the body is under emotional stress, nutritional imbalance, exposed to allergens, toxins, injury, pain, etc. Working under the fundamental premise that the body has an innate healing ability, and is working incessantly to heal itself, Kinesiology helps identify blockages in energy flows, which can be restored via a range of gentle, yet powerful, healing techniques.
Kinesiology is a Sub Category of Allied Health & Wellbeing.