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The following is a comprehensive list of Animal Protect | Research charities & foundations, that are available to the Community for their Aid, Participation & Convenience. The Category of Animal Protect | Research incorporates the specialised non-for-profit organisations organisations, generally supported by volunteers, which offer aid, support, refuge, medical, reintroduction into their natural habitats & raise money to promote awareness and research into the prevention of cruelty, slaughter, torture, culling, experimentation, manipulation for greed, etc. of all living beings in the animal world including fauna, livestock, birds, insects, reptiles, water dwellers, etc. - great and small - which are manipulated for gain e.g. the slaughter of whales for 'research', dolphins for 'tradition', sharks for 'shark fin soup', elephants for ivory - the culling of kangaroos to protect farmers crops - overcrowding of cattle, chickens, sheep, as well as the move to raise livestock in sheds rather than pastures - the slaughter of seals for their fur - the cruel caging of animals for collection of their medicinal & aphrodisiac products, etc. - as well as the devastating affects of deforestation, pollution & damming of waterways, chemical farming, air pollution, over-fishing, accumulations of toxic human wastes, etc.
Animal Protect | Research is a Sub Category of Charity | Foundation.