All Acupuncture in Shepparton

The following is a comprehensive list of Acupuncture services, that are available to the Public, Business, Industry & Organisations for their Aid & Convenience. The Category of Acupuncture incorporates the specialised organisations & personnel experienced in the ancient practice of acupuncture which can be described as the practice of inserting ultra thin, sharp needles into the body at very specific acupuncture points thereby adjusting & altering the body's energy flow back into healthier patterns resulting in reducing pain or inducing anesthesia.  Acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses, health conditions, pain management, etc.
Acupuncture | Naturopath is a Sub Category of Allied Health & Wellbeing.

Shepparton Acupuncture Centre – 13 Attwood Crt, Shepparton, VIC

Shepparton Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic – 75 Wyndham St, Shepparton, VIC

Peter Sleeth – 91 Rea St, Shepparton, VIC

Tanya Galvin – 62 Skene St, Shepparton, VIC