Frequently Asked Questions

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To return to the map from anywhere on the website . . .

      – simply click on the POI Australia Logo           

–  located on the Header of every page.


Directions – How do I find Directions to a Listing ???


Simply select ‘Get Directions‘ on the Listing and you will be promptly redirected to the navigation system → leading you straight to your destination

or . . .  

select the ‘Directions‘ tab → enter your current location → and depress the ‘Get Directions‘ button:

Step by Step:

Step 1:  Select the Listing to which you require Directions

Step 2:  Drill into the detail of the Listing → select the Directions Tab

Step 3:  Enter your Location where indicated → depress the Get Directions Button, and the route will be displayed – together with detailed instructions on how to get there.


Facebook & Yelp – How do I import my Listing from Facebook ???

Though the Registration Process is very quick and easy, POI Australia has made it even quicker by providing an import facility linking directly your social media profiles.  Your information will securely import into your POI Australia profile with just a click of the button .

Step 1

Simply copy the URL address from your Facebook or Yelp page.

For example:

Step 2

. . . and paste as indicated in the “Add Dining Out” diagram, under the section named “Import Details from Social” → activate by selecting “Import Details” button.

Facebook Import


Geolocate – How do I turn it Off ???

GeoLocate2To turn OFF the Geolocate feature, simply select GeoLocate3

theNear Me2 following will appear


Simply uncheck the ‘Near me’ box and the Geolocate feature will be turned OFF.


→  To turn back ON, select ‘GeoLocate Me’  in the header


Listings – How do I Add a Listing ???

POI Australia presents basic Listings of many businesses and organisations that operate in Australia, however, we understand that there are many more out there . . .  By providing a new, exciting, interactive, comprehensive & inexpensive format for entities to advertise and let the public know who & where they are, we aim to combine Australia’s interesting & stunning towns, people, landscapes, etc. with the many things to do and events that occur all over the country throughout the year.  Remember, all non-for-profit Listings are FREE → as are Events, whether they are conducted by business or communities . . .

To Add a Listing → first complete a quick Search to check we have not provided a basic template for you.

Searches can be performed via:

Tickthe little Magnifying Glass found in the top right-hand corner of the screen:


Tickthe search bar at the base of the map:

If your Listing does not appear in the search, simply complete the following easy steps:

Step 1 – In order to create a Listing, you must be a Registered User.  Simply Login or Register:

Step 2 – Selected a Major Category (i.e. one of the options listed under the Map in the Diagram above), and as listed under the “List with Us” Menu

Step 3 – simply complete the form → it’s that easy !!

For more information, refer to our Support Notes


Listing Categories – What are They ???

All Listings in POI Australia are categorised into just 3 levels:

Major Categories – as seen at the base of the Map on the Home Page 

Sub Category – Level 1 – as listed to the right of the Map on the Home Page 

Sub Category – Level 2 – as listed under the expanded Sub Category – Level 1 categories



Major Category

Only one (1) Major Category per Listing is possible, however . . .

Multiple Sub Categories are available:.

. . . as Listings under the Sub Categories of POI Australia allow for –

→ multiple Sub Category – Level 1 allocations  PLUS

even more Sub Category – Level 2 allocations !!!

. . . Plus  →  numerous Tags  


Light BulbThe map will display only one Icon for your business – be sure to select your Default category as closest that that represents your business → as this will be the Icon displayed on the Map.

e.g. if you are a Radiologist → be sure to check ‘Radiology‘ as your Default . . .

Learn more about allocating Categories to your Listings here . . .


***  NOTE:  If you cannot find a suitable category for your listing, please Contact Us.


Photos – Why is my Photo not Uploading ???

Light BulbQuality photos will make all the difference to your Listing – Photos can translate the essence of your Listing within just a glance.

Though POI Australia will automatically convert your photos to ensure quick upload times at the highest possible quality within the constraints of website rationale, photos greater than 16 MB in size will simply not upload.

To learn how to reduce your photo size, follow this link.


Profile & Listings – How do I manage my Profile and my Listings ???

Drop Down Menu - User2

TickManage your Profile

TickReview and Update your Listings

TickEfficiently communicate and network with other Users, Friends and Groups

TickUse the powerful Reviews and Comments to rate your Experiences and help Spread the Word . . .

For more information, refer to our Support Notes