South Australia (SA)

South Australia was the fourth colony of Australia to be proclaimed – effected on the 19th February 1836.

Though the borders have moved great distances since that time, the state has reverted to almost the original proclaimed – though the western border did move in a westward direction to meet the Western Australian border . . .

The Northern Territory was once annexed to South Australia, which was later revoked; and there were some discrepancies due to the inaccuracy of the surveying instruments of the time, that until this very day, cause the borders to not follow a straight line – examine the junction between it and Victoria . . .


Historical POI – South Australia (SA)


Shipping – South Australia

Some Timelines revealing Early Shipping in South Australia:

Coastal Runs – South Australia

So much of Australia was impenetrable by land – the lifeline of these new coastal settlements was the sea.  Discover the ships that plied up and down the coast – picking up and delivering supplies, cargo, communications, news and passengers . . .

Inland Waterways – South Australia

The inland waterways were often the only communication for the early settlers.  Discover the rivers and lakes that transported the treasures and produce of the land to the rest of the world  . . .

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