The History of International Shipping

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    Monday December, 1786

    The ‘First Fleet’ Voyage

    On the 1st of November one of the Lady Penrhyn's women, a convict, fell overboard, but was saved by our boat. The next day we had the further satisfaction of preserving some Dutch seamen belonging to an East Indiaman, whose boat had overset in a gust of wind and was lost...
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    Wednesday December, 1789

    The ‘Guardian’ Wrecked . . .

    On the 23rd fell in with a large island of ice about twice as high as our mastheads. We sent our boats to pick up loose ice that was about, by wich means we had like to have lost our boats and men, for the weather came on thick and begun to blow verry hard, so 'twas with a great deale of troble that they got to the ship. We cleereed them of the ice that they had picked up to make fresh water of, and then we hoisted the boats in and stud from the island of ice for two hours; then tacked and stood to the eastward. The ice was so lofty that itt drifted faster than we expected, by the wind having so much hold of itt, the weather being so thick that wee could scarce see the length of the ship, the wind blowing fresh that we run foul of itt and received a great deale of dammage, knocked away our rudder, broake the tiller in three pieces, broake one of the after-beams in two, knocked the sternpost from the keel, and dammaged the ship in a shocking manner...
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    Friday June, 1797

    Arrival of Convict Ship ‘Ganges’

    The ship 'Ganges' was a large, three tier ship built in India in 1794 and operated under charter or licence to the East India Company. Commissioned to transport convicts to Australia, she arrived in Portsmouth, UK, on the 15th October 1796 in preparation for the voyage to Port Jackson (now known as Sydney)...
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    Friday February, 1840

    Shipping c 1840

    One of the earliest, if not the first, passenger vessel which arrived in Port Phillip was the ship 'John Barry,' from Sydney, which cast anchor in Hobson's Bay, on 1st March 1839, after a fine run of 10 days. She conveyed to this colony a large number of passengers, including Dr. Patterson, the first Immigration Agent here. A few weeks prior to this, a large number of emigrants had arrived in New South Wales, which caused employment to be very scarce; and, as the new settlement at Port Phillip was opening up then, the Government offered a free passage to any who wished to try their fortunes there...
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    Monday June, 1840

    Barque ‘Cataraqui’

    On the 4th August occurred one of the most awful shipwrecks on record, namely that of the Cataraqui, emigrant ship, Captain Finlay, from Liverpool to Melbourne, which struck on a reef off King's Island, in the entrance to Bass's Straits, and every soul on board, 423 in number, perished, with the exception of the chief mate, seven seamen, and one emigrant...
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