Bars – where Inland Waterways meet the Ocean

Bars form where oceans meet the entrances of rivers and inland waterways.  They form due to shifting and drifting sands occurring all along the coastlines of the World.  This phenomenon, coupled with the fact that these bars are often located at the only entry point for vessels to access or attain shelter from rough seas and open oceans, have resulted in an insurmountable number of boats and ships falling victim to their ever changing and unpredictable nature.  History records countless such events . . .

Australia has many, many dangerous coastal bars.  Boating enthusiasts and shipping experts must all be astutely aware that:

 – Conditions on a bar can change quickly and without warning – even on a good day !!!

 – Never risk crossing a bar during stormy, unpredictable weather.

 – Local knowledge, experience and the right kind of vessel are critical when attempting to cross a bar.

The fact sheet ‘Bar crossings can be dangerous‘ produced by the Queensland Government, Australia, provides an informative guide on how to approach these dangerous forces of nature . . .

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