The Evolution of Australia’s Borders from Federation to Present Day

  The 1st January 1901 saw the six separate British colonies of Australia united to become the 6 States of the ‘Commonwealth of Australia

  On the 21st December 1907, Australia’s first Territory, the ‘Northern Territory‘, was separated from South Australia

→  Australia now has 6 States and 1 Territory

  On the 1st January 1911, Australia’s second Territory, the ‘Territory for the Seat of Government(most commonly referred to as the ‘Federal Capital Territory’ at the time) was separated from New South Wales.  The ‘Territory for the Seat of Government’ would be renamed to become the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on the 29th July 1938

→  Australia now has 6 States and 2 Territories

  On the 12th July 1915, Australia’s third Territory, the ‘Jervis Bay Territory‘ was also separated from New South Wales.  The size of this territory is so tiny that it is indistinguishable on the map above

→  Australia now has 6 States and 3 Territories

With this, the borders of Australia’s states and territories were cemented into the history books.

Though a number of variations to the borders had occurred during the 20th Century, they reverted back to the structure of 1915 and it is anticipated that they will remain as such in the foreseeable future . . .


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