The Affiliate Program is an initiative by POI Australia to reward its users for supporting us. By completing a small Registration Form, once approved, you will have access POI Australia’s Affiliate Program where you can begin generating and distributing unique links, potentially earning you monetary rewards. For more information on ‘How to Register’ – click here

By simply encouraging your local businesses to list on POI Australia, we are pleased to contribute 20% of all monies received from these new listings to you. For more information on ‘How & When Affiliates are Paid’ – click here


How Do I Begin ?

Affiliate URLs

POI Australia’s Affiliate Area – Your Affiliate Campaign’s Control Centre

Earning with POI Australia is simple !!! Once registered you will find POI Australia’s Affiliate Area here.

Now you can begin as follows:

→   Add a Website URL from any of POI Australia’s pages to the field labeled ‘Page URL’

→   Now you can choose to give your campaign a name in the field labeled ‘Campaign Name’. (this step is optional)

→ Finally click the orange button labeled ‘Generate URL’. Now your unique URL will appear in the field labeled ‘Referral URL’ ready for you to copy a share anywhere you like !!!


How Do I Know if My Campaign has been Successful ?

POI Australia’s Affiliate Area has a host of reporting features available to you anytime, anywhere !!! By simply clicking the red links labeled ‘Statistics’, ‘Graphs’, ‘Referrals’ and ‘Visits’ you can browse a variety of reports, allowing you to analyse and keep tack of your campaigns.


Can I Add Graphics to Increase the Effectiveness of my Campaigns ?

Yes you can !!!.  By simply clicking the red link labeled ‘Creatives’ you can browse a list of pre-prepared graphics that you can add directly to your blog or website . . . You will find your unique html text code ready to copy and share, directly under the individual graphics.

If you require a customised graphic please do not hesitate to → contact us


Thank you for supporting POI Australia a brand new, all Australian initiative !!!