Adding Franchise Listings

Why Add Franchise Listings ?

Franchise Listings are beneficial to chain businesses, as it speeds up the process of adding and editing large amounts of similar Listings and links them together for users to browse.

On each ‘Franchise Listing’, a tab will be automatically created listing all the other businesses that are associated with your chain, thereby allowing users and potential clients to browse all your stores and their locations.

Another powerful functionality of Franchise Listings is the ability to control fields or elements of your individual ‘Franchisee Listings’ in one location → i.e. via the Main Listing. When updating the Main Listing, it can be setup to update all the individual ‘Franchisee Listings’ automatically.  This can be useful if, for example, you would like to run a marketing campaign across all your Listings – simply edit the Main Listing → and all Franchisees will be instantly updated with your latest campaign.


Setting up the Main Listing

The Main Listing of a Franchise subscription is like a master file.  You can choose to have any field cloned or pre-filled from the master file onto your individual ‘Franchisee Listings’.  The benefit of this is that it will save you entering the same data countless times across all your ‘Franchisee Listings’.  Instead it can be entered just once, on the Main Listing. Similarly, if you need to edit or update any of the content on your ‘Franchisee Listings’, it can be achieved simply and efficiently in the one location → i.e. on the Main Listing.


1.    Select Annual Franchise Subscription as your ‘Pricing Package’ when adding a Listing or upgrading a previous Listing.

2.    Select Enable Franchise located under the heading ‘Manage Franchise’.

3.    Select all the Franchise Fields that you wish to be locked and controlled by the Main Listing. (Locked fields can not be customised on individual Franchise Listings, and are only editable on the Main Listing)

Manage Franchise

4.    Fill in the ‘Add Listing’ form as prompted → and publish the Listing.


 Adding Individual ‘Franchisees’

Add FranchiseNow that your Main Listing has been setup, you are ready to add ‘Franchisee Listings’. To do so, you will need to view your Main Listing → now you will notice an option in the sidebar on the right of the page to Add Franchise. Click this link and the form for ‘Adding a Franchise’ will be loaded.

The ‘Add Franchise’ form is the same as the Main Listing except the fields that you locked in the previous step will not be visible, as they will be populated from the data imputed on the Main Listing.

When publishing the ‘Franchisee Listing’, you will notice the option to save your progress at the bottom of the form. After clicking save options to ‘Add Another Franchise’ or to ‘Pay for Franchises’ will appear.

If you do not wish to add anymore ‘Franchisee Listings’, simply click ‘Pay for Franchises’ and you will be prompted to process your payment.  Once completed, your ‘Franchise Listing’ will be published.

If you wish to ‘Add Another Franchise’ click the like named link and a fresh ‘Add Franchise’ form will be loaded. You can repeat this as many times as you like until you have added all your Franchisees.  They will then be added onto the same invoice and published once payment is received.

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