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Points of Interest with a Point of Difference !!!

Whilst travelling Australia, we became increasingly frustrated with the content of the internet – having to scour and filter through countless advertisements to find genuine information for our travel needs.  We craved a simple map reference format that would display what was available in our direct vicinity.  We also wished for information about the areas we encountered.

Hence, the creation of POI Australia – designed to provide an affordable, equal voice for business, communities, towns and people. 

Advanced Filters on our Interactive Map provides users the opportunity view all of Australia, or just a town – whether it be for shopping, dining out, points of interest, things to do, etc. down to a level of displaying just pet friendly caravan parks, for example.

We’ve created a pricing structure that is FREE for all non-for-profit and for business.  

We have provided the opportunity for business to entice prospective customers with more detail for a mere $11 per Year !!! – $99 per year will ensure business listings leap to the top of the list !!!  All paid listings will be reviewed by our team to ensure that they are listed under the most appropriate and all relevant categories – therefore increasing your chance to be found quickly both on the map and on the listed views.

We believe our content speaks for itself, so we have deliberately steered away from bright colours and flashy gimmicks, to make the experience of using POI Australia is enjoyable, informative and relaxed for all.  


Our aim is to progressively collaborate with the locals of every destination we encounter, thereby adding interesting facts, features and specialties of these towns and regions onto our map.


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Elements include 8 x Interactive Maps as well as List Summary Pages outlining the following:

     –          Points of Interest

     –          Things to Do

     –          Accommodation

     –          Dining Out

     –          Health, Beauty & Education

     –          Shopping

     –          Services

     –          Community & Events.


What is POI Australia ?

Iluka-15-10-07-0146Primary Function

–          Interactive Map Directory / Database

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Supporting Features (our Point of Difference)

–          Personalised Accounts

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–          Travel Advice

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–          Supporting Documentation

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Affiliation & Implementation

The effectiveness of POI Australia is directly proportional to the level of cooperation from the community – the more we put in – the more complete, and therefore the more functional this all Australian directory will become . . .


Our Role & Our Point of Difference is to communicate the unique quality of your town or region by:

Photographing & documenting Points of Interest

Documenting interesting facts that define your town or region

Documenting historical information that so many visitors find fascinating – Chronicles of Aus

Summarising the information we have gathered to provide a concise and accurate representation of your town – Featured Towns

Photographing & documenting the free activities your area presents – Free Land Activities & Free Water Activities

How you can Help Support this all Australian Initiative:

Noorinbee 073 - SmallContinuing to use POI Australia in any Form or Format

Contribute, by writing Reviews or Comments – Create an Account – or via Facebook & Instagram

Assist us in understanding the essence of your town so that we can provide an accurate representation – contact us

Add your Business and recommend others do the same

Add your Non-for-profit organisations & recommend others do the same (Advanced Listings are Free via Coupon upon request)

Advertise Community Events on our map – also Free

Contact us to promote your town or region on POI Australia.

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   To return to the Map from anywhere on the website

      – simply click on the POI Australia logo  –  located on the Header of every page . . .


Still can’t find what you are looking for ???

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